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Do you love writing fiction?

Not sure whether your story will captivate a reader?

Invest in substantive (developmental) editing!

As an author and publisher of over fifteen romance titles, I am familiar with multiple sub-genres and the elements that make a great story. I will review your manuscript and provide a critical analysis of the following:

  • Point-of-View
  • Character Consistencies (Motivation, Conflict, & Goals) and Development
  • Pacing
  • Dialogue
  • Showing versus Telling
  • Plot holes
  • Structure (Sentence/Paragraph/Scene)
  • Timeline Inconsistencies
  • Word Choice

Substantive editing is not proofreading. I offer a detailed global view of your story–without sacrificing your voice. Although I may conduct light proofreading, I’m working to improve the overall quality of your story in the areas listed above.

How it Works

Contact me (kvcedits@gmail.com) with a description of your story and your scheduling needs. If I’m able to work on your project, I’ll provide you with a sample edit (1000 words) and price. After I receive the first half of your payment, I’ll start editing your project (Microsoft Word Track Changes will be used). Your complete edit will be emailed to you after receipt of the remaining balance. Invoices will be sent via Paypal.

Genres I edit

  • Interracial Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Christian Romance
  • Science Fiction/Romance

**I do not edit erotic/a or LGBTQ fiction. Please email me (kvcedits@gmail.com) if you have any questions.


Editing can be incredibly expensive. Price is one of the reasons many authors opt out of this critical step in producing an excellent story. Editing doesn’t have to bust your budget. You can pay a reasonable rate and receive a quality edit.

Substantive Editing: $0.01/per word ($2.50 per 250-word page) to $0.015 for heavy editing

Beta Reading: $125.00/per 60,000 words (includes light content edits) + $0.002/per additional words ($0.50 per 250-word page)

View my resumé for details on my editing experience. I was previously an acquisitions and content editor for eTreasures Publishing.

I look forward to reading your story!

Titles Edited

Merm-8 (Sci-Fi) , Fractal (Sci-Fi/Rom), Murder Across the Pond (Mystery), Lucid Nightmare (Beta Read-Paranormal Thriller)