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Remember Klaus…no woman is worth more than the Crown.

Berlin 1935

On the eve of the Olympics, musician Willie Cooper is banned from performing her beloved jazz. With her half-German niece and nephew in need of food and shelter, she turns to the music underground to earn money. Each illegal gig brings the feared SD closer to her people.

British Intelligence Agent Klaus Hummer’s mission is to observe and report as a journalist for Das Schwarze Korps. The immersion into Nazi propaganda and culture reveals an alarming agenda that will put him on a path to sacrifice the life of a beautiful jazz singer.


The way he turned breath into music with that voice. Its sound like waves over her body. Warmth stole over her belly. Her throat dried out. One or two compliments by a German man and she was done for. She shifted her stance, the chair on which her violin case rested now in between her and the journalist. Could both his eyes and voice be lying? Some people found no difficulty in deception, but weren’t the eyes doors to the soul? If she was mistaken, and his look wasn’t at all genuine, sky blue colored the blackness of his soul.


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