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Serial Games  Marked by the Mob  Killer Shoot

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Finding love and catching killers.

Follow three FBI agents as they navigate the tumultuous waters of solving crimes while keeping the ones they love safe. Can they dodge enough bullets when love is a heartbeat away?

SERIAL GAMES~Read a Preview NOW!

US Marshal Brandon Worth hunts because he has no other choice. He can’t catch the one who destroyed his life five years ago, but he’ll stop at nothing to keep Maggie safe from this evil, even if it means opening his heart to a love he can’t return.


Agent Doug Fairbanks thought life would be simpler without working with the woman who snubbed him. Now she’s followed him to Richmond and he’s her boss. While they work to protect her father and bring down the mob, Doug will initiate a personal assignment: winning Sara’s heart.

KILLER SHOOT~Read a Preview NOW!

FBI Special Agent Rico Tonoeli has a second chance to catch a killer. Beautiful women are being targeted and with his childhood friend Dani Fairbanks home, she might be the most tempting prey Rico can’t protect.

Praise for Virginia Justice


“I could probably sit and just read about their lives for days.” –Amazon Customer

“Chase’s characters are attractive, strong, intelligent, and principled.” –Brandi

“The chemistry between the main characters simmered at the right temperatures making for the perfect amount of heat.” –Franningeal


“This book is good on a long rainy weekend to curl up with!” –Cajuntw

“I stayed up late to finish reading this one.” –Clarissa Oliver

“Excellent.” –Amazon Customer


“I love how this author writes and that her books are very substantive and romantic instead of lust.” –ReeRee

“Would recommend to anyone who enjoys suspense.” –Slingo

“I really enjoyed this story in Ms. Chase’s Virginia Justice series. It is full of romance, suspense and intrigue!” –Angelshart4u